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The ATM series grinders have been well received in the spring industry and are built to withstand the punishing grinding room environment.

ATM Series Grinders

In addition to the basic models, the ATM-560 and ATM-915 are available with CNC down feed option. In the down feed mode, the springs make multiple passes between the grinding wheels as the upper wheel gradually descends. Down feeding offers the advantage of grinding to a higher degree of precision and the flexibility to grind heavier springs on a smaller machine. The CNC programming is easy to follow and offers excellent programming flexibility through a touch screen interface. Wear compensation is included and improves product consistency as well as reducing reprogramming due to wheel wear.


  • Separate table speed adjustments for loading cycle, down feed cycle, and finishing cycle
  • Rate of wheel down feed adjustable
  • Number of table turns and table speed adjustable during finishing cycle
  • Upper wheel can be fed down at an adjustable rate or can remain static during finishing cycle
  • Wear compensation setting reduces or eliminates reprogramming due to wheel wear
  • Wheel offset eliminates reprogramming after wheel dressing
  • Can also be operated in crush grinding mode

ATM 380

  • Wire Ranges: .016" - .105"
  • Depth: 47.2"
  • Width: 45.3"
  • Height: 78.7"
  • Weight: 2,204 lbs

ATM 560

  • Wire Ranges: .040" - .197"
  • Depth: 63.0"
  • Width: 45.3"
  • Height: 86.6"
  • Weight: 6,614 lbs

ATM 915

  • Wire Ranges: .120" - .350"
  • Depth: 149.6"
  • Width: 90.6"
  • Height: 102.4"
  • Weight: 28,660 lbs

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