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RK Trading is proud to introduce an exciting, next-generation 20-axis upgrade to our popular CSX series of Herdon formers. With eight servo driven slides, full wire rotation capability, rotary quill and the ability to add multiple single- or dual-axis servo spinners — the possibilities are practically limitless!

CSX Series Spring & Wire Formers

The next generation of spring and wire forming is here. The all-servo tooling slides significantly reduce set-up times and with wire rotation capability, the impossible suddenly becomes possible! With this twenty-axis upgrade, the CSX can easily accommodate multiple single- or dual-axis servo spinners.

Since its introduction, the Herdon CSX Series All-Servo CNC Spring Forming machine has become the flagship and most popular product in our machinery inventory. Take your production capabilities to a new level with RK and the Herdon CSX Series All-Servo machine!

Standard Models With AT Attachment


This new, high-speed 20-Axis All-Servo Wire Former easily supports multiple servo spinners, the 4-axis AT system and the EA attachment. With a next-generation processor and larger touch-screen monitor, this enhanced operating system provides increased versatility and faster production speeds so you can make more parts complete in less time.


  • Multiple-axis (up to 20 axis) PC-based CNC controller with color display.
  • Innovative no-cam design simplifies setup effort and adds versatility to machine capability.
  • Specially designed operator interface provides intuitive way of generating part programs.
  • Graphical representation of actual axes and table entry removes the need to know the CNC programming.
  • TEACH function provides an easy, fast way to generate computer program.
  • TEST mode allows control of program execution by hand.
  • Auto detection of abnormal/error conditions, e.g. wire feed failure, servo motor alarms, battery low, . . . etc.
  • Tool management keeps track of setup information on one spring.
  • Product management provides manager information of each production job.

CSX 20

  • Wire Ranges: .016” - .080”
  • Depth: 48.4"
  • Width: 55.1"
  • Height: 72.8"
  • Weight: 3,086 lbs

CSX 35

  • Wire Ranges: .039” - .138”
  • Depth: 70.9"
  • Width: 70.9"
  • Height: 74.8"
  • Weight: 8,818 lbs

CSX 50

  • Wire Ranges: .080” - .197”
  • Depth: 98.4"
  • Width: 70.9"
  • Height: 74.8"
  • Weight: 13, 228 lbs


  • Wire Ranges: .080” - .236”
  • Depth: 98.4"
  • Width: 70.9"
  • Height: 74.8"
  • Weight: 13, 889 lbs


The newest, most efficient model in the popular CSX series wire formers.
This 20-axis machine features an AT attachment in addition to standard CSX series features.


  • 3D rotating tooling attachment in front of the wire line
  • Removable optional attachments
  • Portable bolt on forming station
  • AT attachment allows wider range of finished wire forms and double torsion springs made start-to-finish on one machine
  • No need to move part off machine for secondary operations for completion
  • Widen your scope of jobs and increase profit margins
  • Increased repeatability of complex parts


  • Wire Ranges: .016” - .080”
  • Depth: 48.4"
  • Width: 55.1"
  • Height: 72.8"
  • Weight: 3,968 lbs


  • Wire Ranges: .039” - .138”
  • Depth: 70.9"
  • Width: 70.9"
  • Height: 74.8"
  • Weight: 9,921 lbs

Standard Accessories

Rotating Quill
Tool Posts & Holders
Touch Probe
Tool Box w/ hand tools

Optional Equipment & Tooling

Servo Spinner
Power Transformer
Auto Reel
Laser Probes

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