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Eight servo driven slides, full wire rotation capability, rotary quill, and the ability to add optional single or dual axis servo spinners - the possibilities are practically limitless!

CSX Series Spring & Wire Formers

The all servo tooling slides significantly reduces set up times, and combined with wire rotation capability the impossible suddenly becomes possible! With the sixteen axis upgrade the CSX can easily accomodate multiple single or dual axis servo spinners. The possibilities are practically limitless.

Since its introduction, the Herdon CSX Series All-Servo CNC Spring Forming machine has become the flagship and most popular product in our machinery inventory. Take your production capabilities to a new level with RK and the Herdon CSX Series All-Servo machine!

Standard Models With AT Attachment


The single axis servo spinner reduces tooling costs, and multiple single axis servo spinners can increase production rates by reaching the part from different angles without the need for wire rotation. Dual axis servo spinners give the capability to generate multiple bend radii from one spinner.

In addition to reduced set up times and vastly improved versatility, with the CSX Series powerful CNC system and operating software, production speeds comparable to cam machines are now possible!


  • Multiple-axis (up to 16 axis) PC-based CNC controller with color display.
  • Innovative no-cam design simplifies setup effort and adds versatility to machine capability.
  • Specially designed operator interface provides intuitive way of generating part programs.
  • Graphical representation of actual axes and table entry removes the need to know the CNC programming.
  • TEACH function provides an easy, fast way to generate computer program.
  • TEST mode allows control of program execution by hand.
  • Auto detection of abnormal/error conditions, e.g. wire feed failure, servo motor alarms, battery low, . . . etc.
  • Tool management keeps track of setup information on one spring.
  • Product management provides manager information of each production job.

CSX 20

  • Wire Ranges : .016” - .080”
  • Depth : 48.4"
  • Width: 55.1"
  • Height : 72.8"
  • Weight: 3,086 lbs

CSX 35

  • Wire Ranges : .039” - .138”
  • Depth : 70.9"
  • Width: 70.9"
  • Height : 74.8"
  • Weight: 8,818 lbs

CSX 50

  • Wire Ranges : .080” - .197”
  • Depth : 98.4"
  • Width: 70.9"
  • Height : 74.8"
  • Weight: 13, 228 lbs


  • Wire Ranges : .080” - .236”
  • Depth : 98.4"
  • Width: 70.9"
  • Height : 74.8"
  • Weight: 13, 889 lbs


The newest, most efficient model in the popular CSX series wire formers.
This 16-axis machine features an AT attachment in addition to standard CSX series features.


  • 3D rotating tooling attachment in front of the wire line
  • Removable optional attachments
  • Portable bolt on forming station
  • AT attachment allows wider range of finished wire forms and double torsion springs made start-to-finish on one machine
  • No need to move part off machine for secondary operations for completion
  • Widen your scope of jobs and increase profit margins
  • Increased repeatability of complex parts


  • Wire Ranges : .016” - .080”
  • Depth: 48.4"
  • Width: 55.1"
  • Height : 72.8"
  • Weight: 3,968 lbs


  • Wire Ranges : .039” - .138”
  • Depth: 70.9"
  • Width: 70.9"
  • Height : 74.8"
  • Weight: 9,921 lbs

Standard Accessories

Rotating Quill
Tool Posts & Holders
Touch Probe
Tool Box w/ hand tools

Optional Equipment & Tooling

Servo Spinner
Power Transformer
Auto Reel
Laser Probes

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