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Tony on RK Trading’s Immediate Customer Service Promise

In today's competitive business landscape, providing excellent and immediate customer service is crucial for any company's success. To learn more about RK Trading’s growing customer satisfaction, we thought there’s no better person to interview than Tony Bujak, our Sales & Service Manager. Tony has been with RK since 2006 and has extensive experience in handling sales and service, always delivering value to RK's customers.

About RK Trading’s Service Approach

Tony's role at RK Trading encompasses overseeing all aspects of sales and service. He believes in direct contact with customers, and that’s why RK Trading offers immediate 24/7 accessibility through various channels like email, text, cell phone and WhatsApp. This accessibility ensures that customers receive prompt U.S.-based assistance whenever they need it—even if they are a global customer—and RK Trading’s Customer Service team is ready around the clock to meet your service need.

Understanding customers' unique needs and delivering personalized solutions, we aim to exceed expectations and create a positive experience for every customer. This is something Tony and the team do exceptionally well, as they adapt to each circumstance and challenge in front of them, making sure the service experience and troubleshooting are clear, understandable and helpful to the end user at all times.

How RK Trading Goes Above and Beyond

Tony and the team’s dedication to meeting customer needs goes beyond the call of duty. Every member of the service team constantly goes to lengths to resolve an issue for a customer in a different time zone. They ensure every customer’s needs are met with understanding, compassion and professionalism—personally taking calls and answering every text.

When asked what Tony’s favorite part of the job is, he replied, saying, “One of the most rewarding aspects is teaching someone with no prior experience in the industry who wants to learn. By giving them the skills and continuing to provide support, I can teach them a very valuable skill.” Building personal connections and cultivating friendships along the way is a natural part of the job, and Tony embraces this part of his role with each customer, finding ways to connect, establishing trust, and most importantly, solving the customer’s issue.

Handling Common Customer Issues

When customers encounter problems, such as when a machine is down, they often directly contact RK Trading’s Customer Service department for assistance. In these cases, the team follows a systematic approach:

  1. The experts begin by identifying error codes and using servo amplifier information to guide them toward the problem's root cause.
  2. They’re then able to provide accurate troubleshooting guidance, minimizing downtime for customers.
  3. Providing step-by-step guidance to resolve issues immediately and effectively, the service team member always makes sure their customers are given the tools and knowledge to handle the issue at hand.

To provide the best service possible, Tony and the RK Trading team constantly stay up to date on the latest knowledge and tools in the field. They attend training sessions and services at Herdon in Taiwan, where the machines are assembled, ensuring their experts remain well-informed about advancements in the industry. This commitment enables RK Trading to offer cutting-edge solutions to customers' evolving needs.

How RK Trading Measures Success

RK Trading understands that by providing exceptional service, our business can influence customers' purchasing decisions positively. Immediate assistance and minimal downtime play a vital role in ensuring customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships, so we measure success in customer service through:

  1. Repeat sales
  2. Customer loyalty

Thanks to Tony and the team’s hard work and commitment to providing excellent service to RK Trading’s customers, we’re able to maintain and build long-term partnerships that last. Our dedication to troubleshooting, immediate U.S.-based service and creating rewarding experiences for all our customers showcases RK’s commitment to delivering unparalleled service. With individuals like Tony in the shop, RK continues to foster loyalty and drive success in the ever-evolving world of spring and wire forming equipment. In need of service? Give us a call today at 847-640-9771, or fill out this form.